How To Convart iPhone XS Max Hack – Single Card to Physical Dual SIM Car

A physical dual-SIM iPhone XR/XS Max can be fascinating.


However, only the special edition of the new iPhones for China supports two plastic SIM card slots instead of eSIM technology. If you’ve ever wanted two phone numbers on one iPhone XR/XS Max, our video transform iPhone XS Max(American version) into a physical dual SIM version, could be the tutorial you want. For those who are not good at logic board repairing, please look before you leap.

The way to changing iPhone XR to dual version is very easy since it has only a single motherboard, replace the SIM card reader flex with a new dual-SIM card reader flex and the job is done.

Compared with the way to transforming iPhone XR, It is much more difficult to transform iPhone XS Max to a dual SIM card.

To transform the rtransformSIM slot of iPhone XS Max into a physical dual SIM version,
the first thing we do is to detach U_SIM from the board, then solder components to R30_SIM, R27_SIM, R26_SIM, R31_SIM, and R29_SIM. Replace the SIM card reader with a new dual-SIM card reader and the job is done.

Step 1, separate the motherboard with iPhone XS Max Motherboard Soldering/Desoldering Rework Station.

Step 2, detach U_SIM from the board with Hot Air Gun and cut off the metal part of the reader with Cutting Nipper, then remove the SIM card reader completely. Solder four inductors respectively to bonding pads of R27_SIM, R26_SIM, R31_SIM, R29_SIM and R30_SIM.
Then, solder a new dual-SIM card reader.
Once done, solder the two layers together and the last we will check the result.

Get a SIM tray with dual-SIM card support, and install two SIM cards of different carriers to the tray. The icons in the status bar at the top of the screen, iPhone XS Max has been transformed into a physical dual SIM version successfully.

For detailed info please visit our YouTube video as below.

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